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Vision Back


Great Foam Group’s vision is to be a leader in polyurethane foam manufacturer in all processes. Our commitment is in high quality PU foam products, on-time delivery, competitive price and customer’s satisfaction.


Quality Certification

We have continuously improved all work processes in order to be a total quality company that meets internal and external customer requirement. The foundation for achieving our goals and objectives is the deployment of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 certification.



  • 2001 and 2002 Smart SME Certificate from the Ministry of Industry
  • 2007 Certificate for Excellence in Material Development from Material ConneXion
  • 2009 Machinery Technology Award from the National Innovation Agency
  • 2013 Prime Minister’s Industry Award from the Ministry of Industry



Great Foam Group offers wide variety of products to fulfill all customers’ needs and cover all application such as PU flexible foam, PU foam in fabric, PU integral skin foam, PU rigid foam and viscoelastic foam (or memory foam).  Our products areas served are as follow:

  1.Machine and molding
               ​PU foam dispenser machine (high and low pressure)
               Epoxy mold
               Aluminum mold (CNC, casting)
   2. Automotive parts
               Roof liner
               Energy absorption
               Floor carpet
               Motorcycle and bicycle saddle
   3. Furniture
              ​Chair cushion
              Dentist chair
              Furniture part
   4. Construction
              Insulation foam
   5. Health care
              Folded mattress
              Neck rest pillow (or travel pillow)
              Back rest pillow
              Waist rest pillow
              Leg rest pillow
              Seat cushion
              Seat and back cushion
              Meditation cushion
   6.  Other
        ​      Human organ model
    7. Bio-based Poly Urethane Foam