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Double Bell Standard Mattress 4 Folder - TC

Double Bell Standard 4-Folded Mattress // Double Bell 4-Folded Massage Mattress A comfortable way to sleep on the floor! Double Bell 4-Folded Mattress is designed to distribute pressure, perfectly support each part of your body and prevent heat and moi

Product ID : DB-B101

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COST ฿2,990.00


  • Product Details

    Material: Poly urethane foam, density 55 kg/m3

    Cover: Removable and washable TC cover with zipper

    Measure: Standard Mattress 91 x 198 x 5 cm // Massage Mattress 91 x 198 x 3.8 cm

    • Pressure distribution for pain and ache alleviation
    • Open cell foam texture to allow air flow 
    • Prevent dust mites and bacteria
    • Hypoallergenic and toxic-free, tested by the Intertek Testing Service (ITS)
    • Highly durable
    • Flame retardant
    • Environmental-friendly, non-CFC 
    • Suitable for everyone in your family
    • Easy to be folded and unfolded