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ACME Memory Foam Seat Cushion

ACME Memory Foam Seat Cushion Add more comfort to your office chair or car seat with ACME Memory Foam Seat Cushion. It’s ergonomically designed to support your body to help prevent aches from sitting for all day long. Our Memory Foam is durable enough

Product ID : AM-V-SC-SQ

Stock status : In Stock

COST ฿1,490.00


  • Product Details

    Material: Viscoelastic foam, density 80 kg/m3

    Cover: Removable and washable velour cover with zipper

    Measure: 40 x 42 x 6 cm

    Color: White, dark blue

    • Ergonomically designed to fully support your body in sitting position
    • Ideal comfort for car use and office use
    • Open cell foam texture to allow air flow and temperature control
    • Prevent dust mites and bacteria
    • Hypoallergenic and toxic-free, tested by the Intertek Testing Service (ITS)
    • Highly durable
    • Flame retardant
    • Environmental-friendly, non-CFC 
    • Suitable for everyone in your family